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All about Cigarette Smoke Exhaust Fans

by Benny

A simple box placed inside and flipped around window of room to push the smoke from room to outside room. This method is used to vacuuming of the room. The exhausted fans are fitted in ceiling, walls, and windows with varying degrees.

If there is smoke from cigarettes in your room, you can open your window to provide ventilation to your room. It gives way to smoke to escape from the room with the help of ventilation. But this process is difficult. It is not possible to remove the smell of the smoke because the smoke does not exhale directly by itself. You have to work on it properly. There is the best solution for the smell of cigarettes in your room. You can you Cigarette Smoke Exhaust Fans. These fans not only pull the smoke outside but also finishes the smell of the smoke from your room.

In this article, we will talk about what cigarette smoke exhaust fans are and how they are compulsory for use. If you want to get information about cigarette smoke exhaust fans, read the full article to get complete information.

Types of Cigarette Smoke Exhaust Fans

There are some types of cigarette smoke exhaust fans. Extract Roof Fans, extract Roof axial Fans, extract Fans and Jet Fans.

Roof Fans

The most common and easy way to extract smoke from industries and residential buildings is to extract roof fans. If you use this smoke roof exhaust fan, it may help in saving people from smoke. It can support air volume up to 54.800 m3/h. It is very efficient at a large level or at a low level. You can use it in your homes or in living buildings. It can also be used at the commercial level.

Axial Fans

It is made of the casing of hot-galvanized steel. It is inspected and certified by to ISO5801, AMCA 210, and European Standards 12101-3. All these are made for very extreme situations, and they are always ready to work in hard situations. The complete range of them is properly certified. It can support the temperature from 300F or 300 Degrees C/120 minutes and 400F to 400 degrees C/120 minutes.

Centrifugal Fan

It meets the daily requirements of the fans for the extraction of the smoke. It is ideal for heightened ceilings, housing projects, and adjustable discharge systems; it is maximum thrust and reduces the noise level of the air. It is inspected and certified by European Standard 12101-3CE. This certification is by BSI. It can Help the temperature from 300 Fahrenheit or 300 Degrees C/120 minutes and 400 Fahrenheit to 400 degrees C/120 minutes and 600F to 600 degrees C/120 minutes.

Extract Centrifugal Jet Fans

It is effective when you have to install the extractor fan at lower height. These smoke-extract jet fans will be an ideal solution for low-height roofs, windows, etc. This provides a varied fans options with the motor providing prope from 50-100N. Temperature supports 300F to 300 degrees C/120 minutes and 400F to 400 degrees C/120 minutes.


In this article we talked about cigarette smoke exhaust fan. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

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